Baby Jess

Everybody's Jess

  • b. September 2015
  • brown sable, plush
  • sire: unknown
  • dam: unknown
  • heart: holter/c (0,0,0), 3/2015

About Baby Jess

Baby Jess was a Shiloh Community rescue. She wouldn't be here today without the help and support of our friends in the Shiloh Shepherd Community.


Jess was born with a condition known as PRAA. Briefly it is usually a fibrous band that forms around the esophagus and does not allow food to pass through to the stomach. Jess was about 15 weeks old and extremely emaciated when she was finally diagnosed. When the surgeon opened her up, he discovered the band had blood vessels running through it, so it was a very complicated surgery. It is unknown if she will make a full recovery. She may always be a dog with special needs. We all know she is very special.


Learn more about PRAA [here]

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